Share the joy of books

We gift books to children in need


Little Greenwich Books is a new community organisation in south-east London. Our aim is to inspire a love of reading by gifting books to young children (0–5) who need our support.    

Research has shown that book ownership can have a significant impact on life outcomes. Children with books of their own are more likely to engage with and enjoy reading, develop stronger literacy skills and go on to have a greater chance of success at school, work and life in general.     

Engaging children with books at the earliest age can help to change their life story and contribute to a brighter future. We want to share the joy of reading and all of the associated benefits with as many children as possible.   

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 ​"Children from the lowest-income homes, who have the most to benefit from support for reading engagement, are most likely to miss out on the advantages of book ownership."

- National Literacy Trust, ​​2021

Children and young people's book ownership in 2021: The impact of book gifting on children and young people's reading engagement